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Bryon Russell's Realm

When Using Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator calls these bookmarks. To add Bryon Russell's Realm as a bookmark, go under the top menu item Bookmarks, then select the option to Add Bookmark. It's that simple. Remember, doing this will set a bookmark to whatever document you are viewing when the Add Bookmark command is made - we recommend our homepage. To use the bookmark, select the bookmark directly from the Bookmarks menu.
When Using Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer calls them your Favorites. To add Bryon Russell's Realm to your list of favorites, go under Favorites, then select the option Add Page to Favorites. No problem. Remember, doing this will add the address of whatever document you are viewing. Since you can get to anywhere at BRR from our homepage, we recommend being there when you Add. To get to BRR, go directly under the Favorites menu.