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Bryon Russell's Realm

Please Click Here to Enter the Chat Room!

How to Use the Chat Feature

  • When you load the chat room screen, the Log On screen will appear. 
  • Type in your Nickname in the space provided. (you may choose any one)
  • Leave the Room Name label alone. It should say "BRuss".
  • After the Applet loads to the chat screen (it may take awhile), you can start typing your messages. Note that other users' names are on the right side.
  • To send a private message to certain users, you can choose from one of the options in the drop down menu to the right of the space in which you type.
  • To choose sound and format options, click the options tab on the top of the applet. You will be prompted with a list of checkboxes containing different options you can select from.
  • To leave the room, just move on to another website or close your browser window. Your profile will be removed as will your name from the listing.

  • (NOTE: Occasionally, it will say that your name requires a password. If this screen comes up, please choose another Nickname.)

    General Rules

  • No swearing or offensive material
  • Please do not provide links to distasteful or offensive websites
  • Remember that I reserve the right to remove any users' IP addresses who do not comply with these rules

  • Questions? Comments?
    If you have a question related to the chat room or comments about it, please drop me a line!

    Chat provided free of charge by:

    (C)1999 JON LAMEK