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Movie of the Week...
Jason Williams takes the behind-the-back pass from Chris Webber and returns it with a no-look pass of his own that Webber finishes off with a reverse slam.  856k avi
Message Boards Added
Ok this da deal...... I was viewing this sites guestbook, and i saw people trash talkin.. sooo I went out and got a message board for you all to say and do whatever you want! JWP Message Boards .

Last Game
In the last game the Kings played of their short playoff run was a fast pace game between the Sacramento Kings and the Utah Jazz. Jason Williams only played 25 mintues and only had 2 points. Vlade Divac missed a hook shot at the buzzer to send Game 5 of the series into OT, where the Kings committed 5 turnovers and Jazz took over to advance to the 2nd round.

Audio of the Week
Chris Webber kicks the ball out from the post to Jason Williams who hits his third three-pointer of the night against the Knicks. 90k wav

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